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AdvancedResearch is an open source organization dedicated to make conceptual breakthroughs in system thinking. The results are often about finding equations and algorithms with desirable properties.

Some problems we are working on:

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Avatar Extensions

Avatar Extensions is a popular research subject about abstract generalization of mathematics.

You can find a summary about Avatar Extensions here.

Path Semantical Quality

Path Semantical Quality is a partial equivalence relation that lifts biconditions with symbolic distinction.

You can find a summary about Path Semantical Quality here.

Climate Action

Climate Action is a form of deliberate existence to address Climate Change.

You can find a summary about Climate Action here.

Blog posts

Old blog posts under the Piston project

The AdvancedResearch community was previously a part of the research branch of the Piston project.

For background material on the Dyon programming language, see the Piston blog.

About the AdvancedResearch community

We use the programming languages Rust and Dyon to develop and maintain programs, libraries and tools for idea breakthroughs in systems thinking.

A combination of these two languages helps trading raw performance and portability with flexibility.

The focus of this project is to research new ideas through experimentation and analysis. To make progress we develop tools that can assist us in exploration and reasoning. Often this consists of short programs to verify a simplified model of a deeper idea. Once we reach a new key idea, we refine it, write papers and blog about it, such that other people can build on it and contribute.

Our central approach is to cross pollinate ideas between projects such that overall progress is greater than the progress on a single project. This is required because idea breakthroughs in systems thinking are rare, and new insights often follows from experimence across disciplines. We work without time limits or pressure to publish papers, and encourage people to work on things they find most interesting or feel they can make a difference.

The AdvancedResearch community was started in 2017 by Sven Nilsen. Previously this work was part of The Piston Project, started by Sven Nilsen in 2014.